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Preventive maintenance can detect recurring failures, reducing dead spots by stops, increase equipment life, reduce repair costs and identify weak points in the installation of a long list of advantages.

The first goal of preventive maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failure, achieving prevent incidents before they occur. Preventive maintenance tasks include actions such as changing worn consumable parts, servicing and general cleaning of the equipment.

Corrective maintenance includes those activities that are performed on the equipment and hardware that can correct a problem resulting from it. This grouping maintenance actions to perform before a malfunction, poor or incomplete by their nature can not be planned in time.



The proposal provides Trinitech is a set of service face Hardware Maintenance and Support Microcomputers in compliance with the following assumptions:

  • Infrastructure and logistics to enable the involvement of specialists immediately to any incident.
  • Processes that control at all times support the activities of defendants.
  • Knowledge of the environment to be managed.
  • Knowledge of the environment to be managed.



Service Coordinators

Our team is trained to coordinate the development of proposals and action plans to minimize the number of incidents and to improve the quality of service.

In general, their tasks will be:

  • Planning services throughout the contract period.
  • Manage the operational implementation of services and ensure compliance.
  • Find and suggest improvements in the relationship of the services provided.

Maintenance Technicians

The technical team consists of experienced professionals, the mission of which involves troubleshooting and maintaining computer systems and office complex.

  • Perform preventive maintenance necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the elements included within the contract.
  • Perform corrective maintenance is necessary in case of failure, for the recovery of damaged equipment.


  • Call with a response time less than 10 minutes.
  • The repair in less than 4 hours labor and parts included if they are hired.
  • The management of the equipment under warranty.
  • The transfer of information if necessary, by operating system problems.

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